I'm a student and while pandemic it was almost impossible to get a face to face summer working experience. But ORC's Education and Career Coaching sessions/advice helped me create a new strategy, to look broadly and find an alternative pathway. Happy with result, placement and work experience completed on time.
Melissa T.
(The University of Oxford, student)
Success is not accidentally, profession and University decision is a very long process, apart from academic studies, pure concentration and strategy are required. With ORC's education and career coaching since Year 9, I've had a detailed plan to follow, as a result, 4 place offers and been enrolled to the uni I gain to. Happy to start the Civil Engineering MEng study course at age 16.
(EC, University of Exeter, student)
I would like to express my gratitude to ORC for the consulting professionalism and working with life priorities and archiving desired aims. Thanks for your help, wish you new achievements and future prosperity!
Albina C., Turkey
I experienced the reflection from one of my classmates. Due to that, l lost my confidence and cried, but after a therapy, my dark feeling had gone and I got my confidence back again. Thank you.
Sae S., Japan
(37, Student, UK)
I came abroad for the first time without my family and I was being pampered by my family in Pakistan. So after visiting the UK alone, I was suffering from homesickness. But your sessions really worked for me and motivated me like: 'Yes Rahat, you can do it all alone...' Your sessions were like a ray of hope in the darkness of new life. God bless you!
Rahat C., Pakistan
(24, Student, UK)
I had a difficult time settling in the UK, every piece of my life seemed to be in uncontrollable motion and I could barely hold myself. Many thanks for the therapy, I feel better today because of those inspiring sessions. God bless you.
David S., Uganda
(38, Student, UK)
I’m happy to confirm, that I am using services provided by ORC since December 2018.
The provided Career and Life Coaching with NLP sessions help me with making a critical decision in my career path. We are also working on my general personal issues and how to be more successful, awareness, hopefulness and overcome stress.
(42, Turkey)

The career change assistance was very useful, thank you.
(Birmingham, UK)
Unfortunately, I've lost my job in the aviation sector, at my age, it's challenging to find new options, as same as stress issues. ORC help me to solve out.
(45, London, UK)
My son was preparing for the GCSE exams, and also the question of the next steps been an issue. ORC's Education and Career Coaching help him find out what profession and options are the best suitable for him to gain new education targets.
(London, UK)
My relationship was very complicated, so many question and no answers. With ORC coaching I've made the best decisions in my life.
(Oxford, UK)
I should be one of the youngest and continuous customers of ORC, we started early in 2016. First with decision making for my profession, then exams stress, University application etc. 7/24 Executive Service the best option for me, I'm able to get assistance when I need it, I can't express how useful it is.
(20, Turkey)
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